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Free Online Pokies Guide

Here is a comprehensive guide to online gambling sites and free pokies. Knowing how to navigate through online gambling and pokies is winning part of the battle. So come along for the ride and everything from pay lines to pay tables and free pokies will be explained.


1) Security matters: Most reputable online gaming sites require 100% proof of who a player is. They use Secure Socket Layout encryption to take care of all of the payments. They are licensed in their practicing states. They also subject themselves to regular audits. So a player never has to worry about security, or breach of security, for that matter.

2) Most online poker machines come equipped with the latest technology. They come equipped with a downloadable program that can be used on any PC. Just fill out any application online. There are such things known as “playing for free”. This is usually for practice mode only. Some programs require some flash program to be added into the program.

3) A variety of pokies are offered. There are themed pokies games. There are also 7 reel pokies and Rival iSlots. If one has a taste for the marvel comic characters, there are pokies games for these too.

4) There are signup bonuses available. It just depends on what the player is looking for. The signup bonus gets deposited into the account, when the person signs up and makes a wager. Say that a player makes a wager of $75. The system will match that wager 1005. That way the player will have $150 to play with in their account.


The payout table will list all of the possible options in a game. It will show the payout for the combination of symbols for every coin that is bet.

1)The color orange indicates the highest value or symbol.

2)To win the $2500 jackpot, a player needs to bet 3.

3)Looking at the table is very important. It will show the player if any kind of symbol is being used in the game.

4)The pay table also communicates to the player if there are any bonuses or free spins


A pay line is an area in which a person can bet on a game. Some machines will offer only one pay line, while others will offer up to over 100. If the game has more pay lines than there is an increased chance of winning. Most players will want to gravitate towards those who have more lines. How many pay lines stay open are all up to the discretion of the player. If the player wants to have only a small amount of lines open, he or she can deactivate the lines they want closed. If the player decides that he or she wants to reopen a line at any time, they can click the activate button.

Some are under the impression that if a player bets the maximum,it will payoff big. This is not necessarily true. A player can have just as much luck with betting low and only using minimum risk, as they can with betting high. The payoff may be huge, but is it worth the risk? It all depends on the type of player you are. If one feels comfortable with betting high, than try it. But no matter how much of a bet you place, always exercise a bit of caution.


Every game is different, but the basics still apply. With certain combinations of symbols and reels, additional games can be triggered. If those symbols and reels are hit while playing the first game, the player will be offered an additional game. They will be offered an additional chance to win more coin.


Auto mode lets the player play the reels in fast motion. It keeps the game going, without having to indicate this motion to the system. If a player wants to get to the bonus rounds, normally he or she would have to rely on the one-click motion. With the auto play it allows the player to get to this level much faster. Just set the system to anywhere from 25 to 100. This allows the system to keep playing the rows, without any kind of interruption. If the player does need to stop for any reason, just hit the stop button. The person doesn’t even have to be there when the game continues. All the person needs to do is set the game pokies to auto pilot. Once he or she does that, they can go off and complete a chore. Upon returning from that chore, the person can find out if they won a bonus round or a free spins round. Both are possible.
When the game is set on auto pilot like this, the player can access the reels that much faster.


For those that want to bet the max on their games, look to the system for the best clues. Don’t automatically bet the max on each machine. It varies for each one. It varies due to the amount of the payout. If the payout is not that big, than it’s best not to bet that high. With a lower jackpot, it’s always best to keep things on the lower side. With the higher jackpots, it’s okay to bet bigger. Just check to be sure how much the return will be.
Another reason to check the payout is the bonus rounds. If the system won’t pay out any bonuses, then there isn’t going to be a reason to go very high with your bet. The higher the bonus round, the more probability there will be for the betting window.


Progressive poker machines are those that offer jackpots that are unusually larger then others. These jackpots have the options to be life-changing in some respects.



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